Collaborations: 25th Anniversary Collection


“The saxophonist Dave Koz reigns not only as one of the most bankable stars of smooth jazz but also one of the most hospitable, a point hammered home on his new compilation album, ‘Collaborations: 25th-Anniversary Collection.’ Among its tracks is a version of Jackie Wilson’s ‘Higher and Higher’ with Mr. Lattimore (on vocals) and Mr. Braun (on trumpet)…”
– The New York Times

“Whenever jazz saxophonist Dave Koz teams up with other musicians, the result is something unbelievably special.”
– Riverside Press Enterprise

“Kenny Lattimore’s vocals [on ‘(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher’] makes this lyrical celebration just as electrifying and just as soulful as the original Wilson hit. But it is the tandem playing of Koz and Braun that takes this song into new dimensions.”
– AXS.com

“Dave Koz' Collaborations is nothing if not chock-full of genre-blending verve and variety: Stevie Nick's sultry rasp becomes a supple chant on ‘Let Me Count The Ways’ and Rod Stewart's take on the classic jazz standard, ‘(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons’ as Koz' notes swirl over and around the bridge, is positively enchanting...But Collaborations isn't only about who Dave Koz has worked with----rather, the collection demonstrates his adaptability and how essential the saxophonist is as a soloist or with other superstars. So while other acts will fade and flame out, Dave Koz is one that will keep on illuminating, no matter how many others around him shine. Highly Recommended.”

“There’s something about Koz’s smooth saxophone that is just so likable, and he chooses singers who also have a warmth.”
Buffalo News

“Feet were tapped to the beat, bodies wriggled in their seats and hands were quick to shower Koz and crew with applause, sometimes even before the end of a song. Nearly every other song was rewarded with a standing ovation....the energy on stage never let up.”
San Jose Mercury News

“Dave Koz is an extremely gifted musician. To mark the 25th anniversary of his career as a highly skilled saxophone player, he turns to the other artists and musicians who have been an important part of his musical journey. Not only looking back on collaborations with the very best of singers such as Stevie Wonder, Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart but the fine artistry of other jazz artists such as Jeff Lorber, Rick Braun, Herb Alpert, David Benoit and more. Not only that, but Koz has created three new recordings…”
Rage Monthly

“‘Collaborations 25th Anniversary Collection’ [features] some of Koz’s top musical collaborations…”
 – Jewish Journal

“Koz, however, is much more than a saxophonist; he's a winemaker, restaurant owner, vlogger, cruise ship entertainer, and radio show host -a man of many trades, indeed.”
– Seattle Gay News

“‘Collaborations: 25th Anniversary Collection’...is proof to his past success and definitely opens doors to a successful 25 more years of nothing but the best Koz has to offer... a must have...this cd has you covered with pop, country, R&B, soul and even a little touch of gospel...15 unbelievable tracks”
– Smooth Jazz Magazine

“This collection assembles some of Dave’s best recordings with other artists...’Good Foot’ featuring Jeff Lorber kicks this disc off and the mood is set for a great ride.  The playing from Dave and Jeff on this instrumental complement each other while setting the tone for the rest of the disc.  ‘(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher’ brings the talented Kenny Lattimore and Rick Braun into the mix on this redux. The vocals swirl nicely around the track while the horns and arrangement build the feel of the song, especially at the bridge.”  
100 Percent Rock Magazine
“Dave Koz’s celebration of his extensive musical career is captured brilliantly on Collaborations: 25th Anniversary Collection (Concord Records, 2015). The compilation features an array of great contemporary jazz, pop, soul, funk, country and R&B musicians who helped Koz master his distinctive sound, his songwriting skills and his musical influence around the world.”
– AXS.com



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